then and now, Orange County Senior Photographer

things around here have been BUSY.  along with the standard holiday rush, we've been making a lot of business decisions, for both this little photography company and hubby's State Farm agency.  i feel like this poor little blog has been stale do to my full plate. 

while editing a more current senior session, i realized i never blogged this before and after.  you can see more from Collier's senior session here. 

this is my baby brother, on his last day of high school, i took him to our old house (where we lived on his first day of Kindergarten), we knocked on the door and politely asked to use their porch to re-enact these photos.  i absolutely adore the result:then and now - Orange County Portrait Photographer


Meg said...

So Cute!

megh said...

what an adorable idea! i LOVE this!