Wardrobe Wednesday! - AZ Family Photographer

Guess what????  it's finally getting COOLER around here!  yes, it's true our AZ temps are dipping below 100 degrees, and i even heard a rumor that it will be in the high 70's this week!!! this is big news for us desert dwellers! 

so, I'm finally feeling inspired for more autumn toned family wardrobes:
what to wear for family portraits
grey is hot right now.  i see it everywhere, and love it!  it's so versatile and can be super fun. here it's paired with a brown.  i love mom in a fun and flirty dress, bringing the color in.  this rusty orange-red is so autumnal, but the cut and fabric is light and airy.  perfect for my climate here in AZ. 

what makes this ensemble really pop is all the fun detailing.  the heart on sister's shirt, the layering for baby bro, mom's fun shoes, and of course girly hair accessories and jewelry.  fun+ simple + coordinated = great family portrait!!!

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