wardrobe wednesday - arizona family photographer

perhaps universally, the most asked question of photographers is "what should we wear?"

it's a question i have struggled to answer since starting out. when i get family portraits done, i want to look like us. so, i think you should look like you!  that being said, most people want/need more. so think you, but better, polished, and coordinated with the rest of your family. remember that word - COORDINATED. there is a marked difference between "matching" and "coordinated". matching is a thing of the past, think white polos and khakis on everyone. coordinated is a more modern, pulled together, comfortable, and classy approach to the family portrait.  let's delve:

my favorite rule to follow is dress yourself first.  moms, i'm talking to you.  i remember all too often my mom laboring over making her 6, count 'em, 6 children look their best; only to turn around 10 minutes before we had to leave and realize she hadn't given thought one to her own look.  this makes mom even more stressed.  do yourself a favor moms - dress yourself first.  pick the sassiest, date-worthy outfit you can get, glam it up with shoes and accessories, and work everyone else around you!

in the above example mom is in a flirty printed dress.  the pinks are picked up in the little girl's tank.  keep dad neutral and manly in grey, and brother looks adorable with a pop of yellow.  give everyone a little flair, jewelry for the ladies, a hat for little bro, and voila! you - but better.

real world example:

here, little sis gets  the print, but the same principles apply!  when mom looks this great, everyone else is bound to shine.  make the day go even better and get a sitter after your shoot.  why waste that great date night outfit?

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