Wardrobe Wednesday - AZ family photographer

again, i realize autumn is coming upon most other parts of the country by now.  and here in AZ, we're feeling the drop in temps as well.  so long, 110 degrees!!!  it's even dipped down in to the 90's on some days. 

so with that in mind, this weeks wardrobe suggestions are still in the "summery" category.  but i still feel like the color palate is adaptable to fall. 
mom's got the print, and the colors for the rest of the family come from there.  turquoise for lil' sister, burnt orange for dad, and i love the denim/khaki combo on brother.  if you looking for a more autumnal portrait just take this same basic look and layer!  mom gets a gold or pink cardigan, long sleeves instead of shorts on the boys, and little sis can have a sweater too, or maybe even warmer looking dress in turquoise. 

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