tip of the week! shooting at home - arizona children's photographer

i love shooting outside, it's my favorite.  i rarely shoot indoors except for newborns. but, i live in Arizona.  summer is HOT!!!  indoors is often the only option.  this poses a big problem in my personal life.  Anna's birthday is July 1st, we live in AZ, this year i had a 4 week old. 

 i decided to take the challenge and shoot at home.  i probably faced the feelings my clients do when shooting in thier homes.  i looked around, didn't see the Pottery Barn catalogue and said to myself, "where are we gonna do this?" 

here's the tip: you only need a little well lit corner, and low apeture to make a great portrait at home.  for the below image i placed Anna in front of, and slighly to the right of our dining room window.  i sat opposite her at the table and fired away:
i think the SOOC (straight out of camers) shot is pretty good.  her skin was a little under exposed, so i lightened it up a little, dodged and burned the eyes to give them a little sparkle, and voila!  a sweet little 6 year old gets even sweeter!

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