Andrus Family - Newport Beach Family Photographer

when i announced my CA trip and photo day, i was so excited when my good friend and neighbor wanted in on some family photos! 
first, her family is beautiful!  so i knew i was getting some eye candy to shoot, and second, they are awesome and i knew they'd be lots of fun!!!

 i mean when you take 2 good lookin' poeple who clearly love each other, your bound to get a lovely familoy full of happiness, love, and fun!!!

 i love getting my lens on cute kiddos.  and this time i got 4!!!
i mean they're just beautiful!

 the boys gave me the best expressions:

 little CoCo was a little concerned about those crashing waved behind her, but we still got some smiles too!

 love this one:
 even though we were shooting mid-day, we still got some shots with that beautiful beach sunset! (wink)
thanks Andrus clan for being so fun!  not only at our shoot but for the rest of our beach weekend!  so much fun!

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