Madeline is 4! - Gilbert Children's Photographer

this is one of my 4 favorite subjects, my 2nd daughter, Madeline Joy!
Madeline is at the perfect age to capture (to me between 3 and 5), because she's not a baby anymore, but she hasn't become self conscious or started "posing."  she has always been wonderful to photograph, but being a little older has really helped too. 
all Maddie wanted for her birthday this year was a "blue church dress".  this vintage smocked lovely arrived shortly after her birthday and we were off to do a session within minutes!  she was so excited!
this little munchkin styled her own shoot.  she chose wardrobe and hair, and all the props.  this "M" is a decoration in her room.
and this is "Bud-bud", beautiful butterfly that also resides in Madeline's room. 
how beautiful is this rose!  i just had to share.
i love this location because you get so many options, the rose garden, the parisian cafe\...
and since i believe in striking while the iron's hot, i took Maddie for her session when she asked, not when i had the time to remove this lovely chipping pink & purple manicure.  the perfectionist in me thinks, "oh no, her nails."  but really looking at this image i think, "wow, beautiful i remember painting those tiny nails."

i have been dying to get this shot for a while now.  this little wooded area reminds me of Monet's garden in Giverny. 

we ended our day by the grape vines.  Maddie had fun "drawing" in the gravel.

so glad i had the chance to spend the day with my little/big 4 year old.  i can't believe how the time has flown!  i love you Madeline Joy!!!

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Autumn and Barrett said...

I love every one of these! Who told these girls they could get so big?! I need you to be closer so you can shoot my babies/all the cousins together more!