Avery is 2! - Gilbert Children's Photographer

two year olds are notorious!  they are either incredibly fun to photograph, 1) hamming it up for the camera; or 2) incredibly difficult the classic terrible twos.  the tricky part as a parent scheduling a session is deciding the best time for child number 1 to make an appearance.  it's no different when photographer and mom are one in the same.  usually, i take my children out one at a time and daddy helps out at home.  but since this little girl's birthday was 1 week after dad broke his leg, i ventured out with all my little helpers.  i wasn't expecting much, but i was happy with the results.  in a quick mini birthday session i was able to capture - the many faces  of Avery:
toddler portraits
i'm in love with this storyboard, it completely captures the fun quirky personality of Avery right at this moment.  and that's exactly why i do birthday sessions in the first place.  we proudly hang this right up in her big girl room!

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