baby Owen

you may remember my dear friend Chelsea. well, baby Owen made his debut on March 5th. and i didn't get to meet him until this trip! urg, why can't California and Arizona merge into one mega utopia? anyway, here he is in all of his adorable awesomeness. and here is my sweet friend, a wonderful mother:
um, do babies even get more beautiful than this?

i love the way he's looking at his mom here. the connection babies have to moms is like no other. it's time's like these when you actually catch a rare glimmer of appreciation from a child. like he's saying, "oh hey, thanks for doing every single thing in my life for me!"
it was beyond a pleasure meeting your son. i wish we lived closer so we could be stroller and photography buddies. i have so much fun hanging out with you, it just makes me wish we had more time together. Owen is a dream baby. so beautiful and so mellow and friendly. surely you lead a charmed life. i can't wait to come back and see you and your little family all moved in to the new house! thank you for being a friend!

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