married: Sara & Rudy

you may remember this cute couple from here. it was such a pleasure sharing their special day. it was nothing short of fabulous. i love capturing the "getting ready" shots. and i was lucky that the guys and gals were getting ready all in one place. it's always funny to see the guys, watching the game, and toasting the groom:
while the girls spend so much time getting every detail perfect.
the ceremony was touching. you could really get a sense of the loved shared with family and friends. i laugh a little every time i see this shot. Sara had a friend whose photographer missed the KISS! she was very concerned that this not happen to her. of course i knew it wouldn't, but as the time grew closer, i started to break into a sweat. i did not want to be that photographer! i had never shot at the Windmere Hotel before and was pleasantly surprised to find this gorgeous area was designated for the cocktail hour!

what a lovely day! i feel so lucky to have been a part of it!

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