make new friends, but keep the old {los angeles maternity portraits}

"one is silver, but the other's gold!"

my mother and grandmother were both fond of this song while i was growing up. it has a catchy tune, and has popped into my head over the years, but especially rings especially true when i think of this particular girl. how lucky was i to grow up around the corner from such a sparkling ray of sunshine. Chelsea and i have been friends for as long as i can remember. from pre-school to high school, through college, careers, and on into motherhood. i could scan my little heart out if i had the time, but for now, i'm moving on.

this fabulous friend of mine has always been there. every good time, every broken heart, every dream! we are both big dreamers, the creative types. i will never forget the big "re-decorating" project in her room in high school. it was FAB! i was jealous. (like my mom would ever let me change the meticulously thought out Laura Ashley wonderland i shared with my sister.) Chels, tell me you remember the iridescent paper bubble curtains?

well, her love of design has taken her to a whole new level. she and her amazing little company Sugar Paper, are responsible for the most important stationary in my life. wedding invites, and all 3 baby announcements! have i mentioned that i am a lucky girl to have a friend like this! as she takes her first steps into mommyhood, i begged her to let me document it with my camera. lucky (again for me) she agreed!

now, no pregnant woman, no matter how cute she is, wants to be photographed. but i'm a firm believer in maternity shots. it's one of those times you look back on fondly, no matter how enormous you feel at the time. and despite how she might feel, i think you'll agree this is one pretty momma!

maternity portraitsChelsea and i were both child models together, and if you ask me, she's still got it!

maternity portraits Chels, though your room in high school was amazing, your design skills have only improved with time. the house is amazing, and the nursery to die for!

maternity portraits
this little boy may not fully appreciate all the beautiful details you've lovingly chosen for his room, but i sure do!

maternity portraits
up there to the left, is basically how i see my childhood friend in mind's eye. this silhouette blends perfectly with all the letterpress goodness on this wall.

maternity portraits

maternity portraits i know it doesn't feel like it Chels, but this is an adorable and tiny baby bump!

maternity portraits

maternity portraits i can just see you tying each of these little bows, enjoy them, they may never look this good again!

maternity portraitsit's so fun to see teeny tiny clothes. my advice is to put your child in the things you love every day until they outgrow them - it happens so fast!

maternity portraits
maternity portraits booties! gotta love them!
maternity portraitsmaternity portraits i love sharing childhood favorites with my children, and i know this little man will feast on these classics as well. the addition of Happy the dwarf made me smile, Chelsea said she would have chosen Sleepy, both represent good attributes in a baby!
maternity portraits dear little baby boy,

you are already loved beyond words! what a lucky child you are to have such sweet, loving, successful, inspiring parents. (i love that i can say i was there for their first date!) treat them kindly, they are among Life's greatest people. you will go far if you let them lead you. of course i fully expect you to give them a hard time once in a while, but in the end, defer to their good judgement. please bring your mom to visit me, as we need a little boy around once in a while. i can't wait to meet you.

ps: dear Chelsea, i love you!

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