engaged: Sara+Rudy

i am so thrilled to have met this adorable couple! how lucky am i that they chose ME to photograph their wedding in May.

okay, i have to be honest. meeting new clients stresses me out a little. i worry they won't like me, we won't gel. but meeting Sara and Rudy, i just knew they're engagement session would be beautiful.

i still need to get the rest of their sweet love story. so far, i know they met in college. Rudy noticed Sara right off the bat....

but she made him work for it. this is where i need some of the facts filled in. i'm not sure how he finally won her over, but if i had to guess, it must have been his infectious sense of humor.

Rudy makes Sara laugh, and that is a keyingredient to a happy relationship!

and a key ingredient to a fun engagement session!

thanks Sara and Rudy, for making my job so easy! i can't wait for your big day!

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