baby Grant

Sarah was once my sister in all things girl. her two daughters are very close in age with Anna and Madeline. but just very recently, she bucked the trend and had herself a very cute little son! (okay, so this next pic isn't a good representation of this sweet little boy, but i can't stop laughing about it, i feel like he was saying, "leave me alone!" after all the posing and picture taking. and there is something funny about the way he may be trying to gesture to me with his finger....)it's always great when people have wonderful taste, and you can just come into their home and find props galore! i also love doing follow-ups, won't he look super cute sitting up on that side board at a year?
so, a while back i implored people to help me be more objective about photography by offering themselves up as subjects. it's been so fun, but hasn't helped. why? because i fall in love with everyone i photograph, and every image captures something sweet and wonderful about them. here's a great example:
i know this shot is blurry, i remember taking it. knowing he had thrown his head back just when i pressed the shutter. but the memory of that sweet yawn gets me everytime i see this image, and i just love it.
new moms are always a littel wary of being in the photos with newborns. i've been there. i totally get that. so, i'm sure not to capture anything but the sweet love of mother and son.

i need a redo on this series with the chair. he was so over me by then! but isn't the quilt the greatest. Sarah is lucky to have a talented mother who made this beauty. (and mother-in-law, who crafted some fabulous crib bedding!)
big sisters, they were so sweet and gentle with the baby. it's so fun to watch a family grow, and feel that strange familiarity making it hard to remember when that darling little baby wasn't a part of your life!

congratulations! he is a doll!

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